Provision of data for the new “Custom Field” for projects

New additional field within the project history available after data transfer.

To fill in the new field in the project history, it is necessary to fill in the file attached below, taking into account the requirements.


New requirements for data upload

  1. Supported file extensions:
    • Data upload files must have the extension .xlsx or .csv.
    • CSV files should be separated by semicolons and encoded in UTF-8 format.
  2. File naming format:
    • The file name should correspond to the following format: {BSU Name or Id}-RFC_{any text}.
    • Allowed separators are underscores (_), hyphens (-) and spaces.
    • Examples:
      • MIA_RFC_Kundenkurzname.xlsx
      • HCM_RFC-Branches.xlsx
  3. Content requirements:
    • Files for BSUs should contain two columns, each representing both languages (English and German).
      • Example for English label: Industry (EN)
      • Example for German label: Industry (DE)
    • The label(s) must be copied in each line for the specific BSU.
    • value_en and value_de should be written in lower case.
    • There must be no entry in the database that contains the same value_en and value_de values.

Please ensure that all data uploads comply with these new requirements to ensure seamless processing and integration.

Template for data upload: BSUName_RFC_beliebigerText


Addressing a new field in the profile export

To address the field in the profile export, please use the following syntax: