Release 1.10. (EN)

Release Notes V1.10.0

Release 2023/1 (Async Search)

Geplant: 07.02.2023


Candidate Search: Async Search

If a user searches for a lot of information and it takes longer than 30 seconds, our system will time out and provide no results. This is a hard setting that cannot be increased. The changes we made for this release will let the search take longer than 30 seconds by using an asynchronous call instead of a synchronous one. This means that the frontend won’t wait for a response from the backend but will instead check a stored searches database table for new search results.

How will it affect the user?

When a user executes a search, they will see a „Search in progress“ message and the „Apply search parameters“ button will be greyed out and disabled until the search is complete.

If the user leaves the page, a notification will appear in the top right corner to alert them that the search is done.

When the bell icon is clicked, a list of notifications from the past two days will appear. Clicking on a notification link will take the user to the search results page. Saved searches will be loaded quicker than before, but any changes to the search parameters won’t overwrite it unless the „Apply search parameters“ button is triggered.


Side by Side Comparison

Bug Fix – Certificates from previous search remain

The bug-fix relates to a problem where the filter values for „certificates“ were staying in a search even when a new search was started. The fix involves clearing the filter when starting a new search.

Bug Fix – Unwanted line breaks when displaying competency levels related to terms that exceed certain length (number of characters)

In the Side-by-Side Comparison report, terms for competencies that exceeded a certain length in characters resulted in line break when displaying corresponding  competency levels.

This has been fixed so that line breaks no longer occur.


  • The German term „Vorlieben“ was changed to „Präferenzen”
  • If a search for a client does not return a value, the placeholder „<<Term>> not found“ is displayed replacing the text that appeared previously „No Data available for filter …“