Release 1.11 (EN)

Release Notes V1.11.0

Release Date: 2023-02-13

New Features:

Competencies in Project History

Already selected competencies extracted from project description or focus area aren’t deleted anymore.
They now can be edited separately.

When creating a new project, the competencies can be extracted and adjusted with a click on the button „+ add competencies“.

A new window opens and the extracted competencies are listed in the top left corner. With click on the arrow the comptetence can be selected for the project entry.

In the bottom left corner additional competencies can be selected and added to the list on the right.

After saving the changes the selected competencies are listed below the project description.

If adjustments need to be made, click on the pencil and the same edit window from above opens and the competencies can be edited without changing the already selected competencies.

When editing an already existing project all data can be adjusted.

The project can be saved without changing the selected competencies with directly saving the changes, for example when only changing a typo.

If competencies need to be adjusted, click on the pencil button next to the listed competencies.

The description will be scanned again and if there are new competencies, they are listed on the top left side.

The already selected competencies are listed on the right side.

If additional competencies need to be added, they can be selected from the left, either from the already extracted competencies at the top or manually selected ones from the lower part of the screen.

Changes are saved when clicking on the button „Save“.

Competencies in Focus Area

Similar to the Projects in Focus Area changes can be made without losing already selected competencies.

Add / Edit a focus area:

For adding / editing competencies click on button „+ Add competencies“ or on the pencil button. The rest works identical to adding / editing competencies for a project.


Documentation for Search Candidates

The current description of the search is now available in FAQ.

When clicking on the button „FAQ“ a new browser tab opens with the current version of the FAQ.

Select the link for search where the different aspects of the search are explained.


Side-by-Side Comparison:

sometimes requested certificates weren’t listed in the Side-by-Side comparison.
Now the certificates are listed correctly.