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What kind of Photo is this? Which photo should be inserted?

If there is an employee photo in the employee database, it will be displayed automatically. It can also be added to the image by clicking on the pen (mouse over) or removed by clicking on the trash can.

Since our profiles are the basis for applications to customers, it is advisable not to post any fantasy, holiday or cartoon characters here. to insert

Clicking on the pen opens a window with the buttons „Cancel“ or „Choose file“, here you can upload your own picture to the profile.

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Can I use an existing CV in ProfileMap?

An existing CV can be transferred to ProfileMap by clicking on „CV“ (currently .docx and .pdf are supported). It can be dragged and dropped into the profile or integrated into ProfileMap with „Upload“. Skills and languages recognized by the system are then displayed in a subsequent window; they can also be deleted here by clicking on the trash can symbol. Clicking on „Done“ saves the information in the profile.

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How do I choose the right competencies?

A large selection is already stored in the Competences area. A personal selection can be made by clicking on the pen next to the „Competences“ title. The pen is only visible when the mouse pointer is in the skills area.

Clicking on the pen opens the „Edit skills“ window, with all skills listed so far in the knowledge base being selectable with sub-assignments in the left part. If the mouse pointer is moved to a suitable object, an „Add“ button appears behind it, which transfers the selection to the right-hand part of the window. A red point is automatically assigned to the selected skill (= basic knowledge), the user can then assign a different knowledge selection of up to four points (= expert).

The display of the skills can be displayed variably:

  • „BSU“ button (default): Skill categories and skills applicable to the respective business unit
  • „All“: for all skills across all units
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How can I make my profile available to someone?

Clicking on the sheet of paper icon with an arrow opens a window in which you can choose a short PowerPoint profile or a long WORD profile. Clicking on the respective icon opens another page in which a selection of templates can be made. A template can also be called up specifically via the „Search for templates“ field. In the „Business Units“ field, the part of the company to which you belong is preset. If special skills are sought for project participants, other business units can also be selected here (e.g. by project managers).

On this page, the respective list of templates can be called up by changing the „Type“ from long to short profile without leaving the page.

Clicking on „Next“ opens the next page, it is used for the specific selection of profile data. Skills, projects, professional experience and areas of expertise can be selected as required. Customer names can be hidden on the last page with „Next“.

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What if competencies are not available?

If you cannot find competencies, you can use the „Search“ field to display them. If the competence you are looking for is still not available, a data record can be added via „Suggest“.

  • exact skill description,
  • explanatory web address and
  • short description

be entered. This record is then checked (see 2.1 Suggested skills: skills)

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How are competencies changed?

If you accidentally created a competence, you have to go to “Competences” (pen), “Edit competences” and “Existing competences”. There the competence can be removed via the trash can symbol (mouse over in front of the competence points) and the action can be confirmed with „Done“.

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What do I do if my expertise in a competency changes?

Access is via “Competences” (pen), “Edit competences” to “Existing competences”. There you can click on the points to change them, add them or remove them. The action is confirmed with „Done“.

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What do the expressions of the competencies mean?

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Which language should I choose? How is the classification to be carried out?

A choice of languages should be made when one has at least basic knowledge of them. To do this, click on the pencil symbol next to „Languages“. In the „Edit languages“ window in the „Knowledge base“ area on the left, a language can be transferred to the „Existing languages“ area on the right with „+ Add“. It is also possible to enter a language you are looking for in the search field under „Knowledge base“ and have it displayed.

If you have selected a language by mistake, it can be removed again in „Available languages“ by clicking on the trash can icon (mouse over behind the language).

Note: So-called dead languages such as Latin and dialect should be used.

As soon as the selected languages are transferred to „Available languages“, the knowledge of the respective language can be noted there (click on the points):

  • languages are marked as mother tongue = „NATIVE“ with four dots
  • Three points are to be chosen if you have good knowledge and fluent use of the language
  • two points for general knowledge
  • one point for basic knowledge

Sorting is carried out by the system based on the points awarded, mother tongues are always at the top.

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What do I do if my language skills change?

Access is via Languages (pen), Edit Languages to Existing Languages. There you can click on the points to change them, add them or remove them. The action is confirmed with „Done“.

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How do I record my training?

Clicking on „+ Add“ opens the „Add entry“ window. There you can choose from the stored degrees. In addition, the start and end of the training (or tick „until today“), if applicable, a special subject and the corresponding training facility must be specified.

If you check “Pin in profile”, this degree will be displayed in the personal data, so the highest-ranking degree should always be pinned.

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What about changes or incorrectly entered training?

A pen for changes and a trash can for deletions appear next to the respective entry when you mouse over it.

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How do I enter certifications?

In principle, only certificates obtained through an examination may be entered (example: university certificates). The specified certificates must be presented as a scan to the assistant.

Clicking on the pen next to “Certifications” (mouse over) opens the “Edit Certificates” window. The appropriate suggestion can be selected from the certificate database. With mouse over, the field „Year“ is displayed, in which the graduation year is selected and accepted by clicking on the „+ Add“ button.

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How do I add language certificates to my profile?

The following language certificates can be selected in the Certificates section:

  • A1 Language certificate - German
  • A2 Language certificate - German
  • B1 Language certificate - German
  • B2 Language certificate - German
  • C1 Language certificate - German
  • C2 Language certificate - German
  • A1 Language certificate - English
  • A2 Language certificate - English
  • B1 Language certificate - English
  • B2 Language certificate - English
  • C1 Language certificate - English
  • C2 Language certificate - English

Depending on the selection, the relevant issuer (e.g. "Cambridge") can be entered under "Issuing organisation". You can also upload the language certificate obtained and enter a date of issue.

If a language is missing, please create a suggestion.


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What about incorrectly entered certifications?

Incorrectly or incorrectly entered certificates can be removed in the „Available certificates“ field by clicking on the trash can icon.

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What if certificates are not present?

If you cannot find certificates, you can display them using the „Search“ field. If the certificate you are looking for is still not available, you can use „Suggest“ to add a data record

  • exact certificate designation,
  • explanatory web address and
  • short description

be entered. This record is then verified (see 2.2 Suggested Capabilities: certificates).

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What are the additional informations intended for?

Mouse-over displays information about what these fields are used for.

We generally use it to enter a date of birth in the format „01/01/1980“ because only the year (here: 1980) appears when the profile is exported. „Date of birth“ is entered in the text field.

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How do I paste projects I’ve worked on?

Projects can be entered using the „+ Add“ button. The official project name must be entered in the „Add project“ window.

In the next field „Customer“ you can search for already stored customers. If the customer is not yet known, the message “No suitable data for ……” appears with the option of clicking on “Not in the list?” The customer suggestion with customer name, customer URL and a short description (everything preferably from the Internet ) to a data curator by clicking „Suggest“. He then reviews the proposal and approves or rejects it.

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What information should be given for projects?

In addition to the customer name and the official project name, role, start and description are necessary entries.

The role should be off the steps

  • Junior
  • Senior
  • professional
  • Expert

to be chosen.

The beginning and end of the project can be filled with a stored calendar. The full month is always displayed, even if a project starts or ends in a month. „To date“ should be ticked for the last/current project.

A meaningful short summary of the project goals should be entered in the description, in language the general project language. DE for German and EN for English are available.

By clicking on „Next“, skills and languages that are important for the respective project can be entered in the next window. You will then be accepted by clicking on „Done“.

An entered project can be changed by clicking on the pencil symbol or deleted by clicking on the trash can symbol.

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What do I have to consider when changing entered projects?

Depending on the system, the previously made entries must be repeated in the event of changes (corrections or additions). They are not automatically taken over completely from the previous project creation!

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How do I note areas of competence?

Clicking on „+ Add“ opens a window „Add Competency Focus“. In the „Description“ field, an entry can be made (e.g. quality) and a language can be selected. With „Next“ the system provides a selection from the skill database. In the „Skills“ and „Languages“ fields, changes can be made and other selections can be made by clicking on the pencil symbol. As described in 1.1.4 Skills, new proposals can then also be submitted for review by a data curator.

If all the necessary information is available, the areas of expertise are adopted by clicking on „Done“.

A competency focus that has been entered can be changed by clicking on the pen symbol or deleted by clicking on the trash can symbol.

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How can I record work experience? Which entries are important for job registration?

When the “Work Experience” heading is highlighted, clicking “+ Add” opens an “Add Work Experience” window.

Must enter a role, she should be out of the steps

  • Junior
  • Senior
  • professional
  • Expert

to be chosen.

In the next field „Company“ enter the official company name, then start and end date of the activity for this company (or tick „until today“), if necessary a short description and the company language.

If all the necessary information is available, the professional experience is accepted by clicking on „Done“.

An entered professional experience can be changed by clicking on the pencil symbol or deleted by clicking on the trash can symbol.

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