Staffing Request

Until January 2024 known as “Candidate Search” and “Search History”.

Since January 2024 both were replaced by the function “Request” and a new request overview.

Staffing Request Navigation

New Navigation: We’ve introduced a new and intuitive navigation system with dedicated tiles for Staffing Request, making it simpler to access and manage your staffing requests.

Summary Table

In the request overview a summary of the saved requests is listed.

New Filter functionality in Summary Table

Enhanced Filtering: You can now apply filters across all entered search and request criteria, helping you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

You can access the filter through the filter symbol (see number “2” in the screenshot)

Filter criteria will be displayed as tokens on top of the result page indicating the values by which the individual requests were selected. 🡪 check tokens labeled with “3” in the screenshot.

To remove a filter criteria click on the “x” of the token an the list will be adjusted accordingly

Creating new Staffing Request

To create a new Request, click on the “Plus”-Button labeled with “1” in the following screenshot.

When moving the mouse on the button it extents to “New request”:

With a click on this button a dialogue opens that enables you to input search criteria and request data simultaneously.

Data Extraction Assistant

The Data Extraction Assistant opens when clicking on the symbol in the top right corner

It provides:

  • Streamlined Document Processing: The Data Extraction Assistant now offers improved document and text processing capabilities.
  • Easy Text Transfer: You can now drag & drop or right-click to transfer text or document-based information seamlessly into the search & request information fields.
  • Original Document Display: You can view the original document to be processed, such as CVs or job postings.

After uploading the text or file, text can be marked and transferred to the right side (search data, request data) by using the context menu which can be accessed by right mouse click.

After transferring all data the request can be saved by clicking on the button “Save and finish”.

Comment section is separate tab

Dedicated Tab: The comment section is now housed in a separate tab, providing better organization and easy access.

Here the user can add multiple comments to track progress regarding this request or to add other information.

Document upload against request

Efficient Document Management: You can now upload documents directly against your request, making it more convenient to associate relevant files with your staffing requests.

Staffing Request Search

To start the search, you need to click on the button “Save and search”.

On the left side the Search and Request data is listed in different tabs. Also comments and uploaded files can be accessed there.

On the right side the candidates are listed.

Search without saving the data

For details check the chapter “Talent Search”