Talent Search

Talent Search

Search Functionality without saving: You will now have the option to perform searches without the need or ability to save the search or its results. This is especially useful when you want to quickly find information without creating a formal staffing request.

Basically the search criteria will be entered the same way as in the Request function.

The user can enter the search criteria and directly start the search without first saving the data.

Also a text or document can be uploaded for extracting data directly from it.

To use this function click on “Search by text” at the top and a text can be copied in the text field or a file can be uploaded.

The criterie extracted from the file / text is directly added to the search criteria in the lower part of the screen.

The criteria can be adjusted by selecting required skill levels or mandatory criteria. Criteria can be deleted or added.

With a click on the button “Search” the search will be executed and the candidates will be listed.

The criteria will be shown on the left side, the candidates on the right side.

If the user wants to save the search as a request, this can be done by clicking on the button “Save as request”.

The application changes to Request function and request data can be added.

For further details check the chapter “Request”.